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Duties Of A Dental Assistant


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Duties Of A Dental Assistant

Duties Of A Dental Assistant

Dentistry is an old profession, which makes complete sense - as long as humans have known about dental deterioration, there has been somebody to fill in the cracks, holes and chips. Much like any other area of medical treatment that all living people must have at some point in their lives, dentistry is an industry that brings in a large amount of money. Of course, the most important part of the whole dentistry experience is the dentist - this is the person that makes it all happen. Often, dentists go to school for a number of years learning the subtleties of dentistry. It comes as no surprise, then, that a dentist may require some help with the other areas of their work. Dental assistants are there to ensure that the dentist can see and treat as many people as is absolutely possible, which is achieved by performing tasks that are not directly associated with performing procedures in the patient's mouth.
The general duties of a dental assistant can be very diverse, and it also depends on the size of the dentist surgery. In a small surgery with only one dentist, it isn't uncommon for the assistant to take on all other duties, which can include but is not limited to: secretary work, cleaning, bill collection. In a bigger surgery where other members of staff are employed to help run the business, a dental assistant may perform only traditional tasks such as prepping patients, administering sedatives, and fetching equipment during surgery. In this scenario, the assistant very much works as two extra hands for the dentist.
All over the country dentists are employing the incredibly useful talents of dental assistants, from dentist in Valley Stream to Alaska, assistants can be found making the dentist more efficient and the patient more comfortable. Many people choose this profession as it involves quite a lot of compassion and the results of helping others can show immediate effect. When a patient is nervous and not coping well under the stress of going under for dental surgery, many assistants are there to help calm them down and reassure the patient that things will be okay. This is a job that requires not just a high level of personal compassion, but high organizational skills too.
Dentist assistants are also open to a lot of diverse career options. Those that work hard and show a lot of compassion can open up many other fields - other areas of nursing can become available, as can areas of business/secretary positions. This is due to the way a dental assistant is required to multi-task, potential employers will be able to recognize that the person in question is able to perform multiple jobs at once with a high level of energy, this is invaluable to employers. However, this is not primarily the reason why people get into the field of dental assistance. The primary reason is care - and of course this is the heart of the industry.
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